Postoperative care

Things to be observed after surgery:

For the first 2 weeks before the operation, until the sutures are removed, the patient should lie down and walk more and sit less until the skin is completely healed. Walking should be closed, use a fully medical mattress for rest, do not use the position of bowing and prostration for the first 4 months, during this period, sit on the floor and use the toilet for hygiene, use bone-building supplements regularly as prescribed by the doctor. In marital relations, it should be done in a limited way, it is preferable to use medical shoes when walking, walking should be on a flat surface and avoid going uphill and downhill, physical therapy must be done according to the doctor’s order, taking vitamins of the B family according to the doctor’s order. It should be done regularly. Avoid closing a heavy load or a light load but with a large volume separately.