What happens before and after surgery?

What happens before and after surgery?

If the doctor determines that you need surgery, she will provide you with the necessary information about the operation. Before surgery, all patients must undergo necessary tests, such as taking photographs of the subject, medical history, physical condition assessment, laboratory tests, and other related tests. Additional tests are necessary for patients with other disorders.

The length of time you stay in the hospital depends on the type of surgery you are having. In general, during brain surgery, you will be hospitalized for about three days so that the doctor and the members of the surgical team can closely monitor you. In cases where you are going to undergo neck and back surgery, about one to three You will be admitted to the hospital.

Things that the patient may experience after brain surgery include:

1) Nausea: Post-operative nausea may be related to your pain medication.

2) Fatigue: It may take 6 weeks or more for your energy levels to return to normal. …

3) Constipation: This is a common problem after surgery due to anesthesia, immobility and prescription of painkillers.

The neurosurgeon asks the patients who have undergone spine surgery to avoid bending, lifting any heavy objects or turning around immediately after surgery. Some patients need a rehabilitation program or exercise therapy after surgery, or According to the type of surgery performed, they should use a neck or waist brace.

These people need 2 to 12 weeks of rest at home based on the type of surgery. The doctor asks them to visit his office 10 days after the surgery, then 30 days after the surgery, 60 days after the surgery, and finally 90 days after the surgery to be examined. This will make the doctor evaluate their condition closely, answer their questions, cover their needs and ensure the safety of the surgery. Patients who have undergone nerve surgery should refrain from physical activity and driving until the doctor has given permission. The reason why the doctor asks you to visit his office ten days after the surgery is to examine you closely and make sure that you are ready to do physical activity or drive.

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